About us

We are a support for parents and those who care about children.

let Children Breathe is not affiliated with any political party or organization.
This is an independent initiative by concerned citizens. United to protect the wellbeing of children.

As adults we have the obligation to protect our children. Countries around the world have introduced new rules making the wearing of face masks mandatory in schools for children as young as 4 years old in some regions. In addition, there are parents who encourage their children to wear a face mask even when these rules do not apply. This doesn’t sit right with us.

How this initiative came about and what we stand for is explained in Collumn. For now, only in Dutch.
You too can take a stand by downloading the poster in the language of your choice here.

Let others know that they are not alone.

Print the poster and display it at home, at work, in the car, ….
Share the poster on social media or any other way.

Show your heart ❤ and let’s stand together.

From Belgium.
For children here and around the world.

Statement 19.01.2022

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